Life is a long lesson to learn.



A beautiful life depend on two things motivation and choice.

Life is a long lesson where you learn to live peacefully and to live peacefully in this life you do different things some are in your comfort zone and some are outside of your comfort zone so here we need motivation.  Motivation is a strong a word itself.each and every person need motivation at certain point of life. where they have to do different task outside of their comfort zone.

Motivation starts with a choice, if you want to achieve what you aimed, your good choice will be defined as a success, if not your choice become a life lesson.

Story –

A long time ago in an indian village there was a woodsmith who work in a wood works comapny and he was very popular for his home making skills, people love the way he make their houses, he worked for that company for several decades and his retirement days for that company was getting closer day by day.
One day his boss called him and said this is your last home to make after that you will be retired from your duties.
This time when he started his work, he worked reluctantly, the house he made is not as beautiful as other houses he made before, as he compeleted his work he went to his boss and ask to leave and his boss gave him permission with a last thing he said to him,
“you worked for me several decades loyally so i am giving this last house as a gift.”

Moral of the story – No work is big or small, whenever you work don’t focus on outcome, think as you are the owner of the company, work like you are doing it for your self and good choice will make you stronger and bad choice will teach you a life lesson.

stay motivated, be happy and make choices wisely.


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Akshay joshi

hello world i am a normal ordinary human being who likes to write and read about different topics but my main concern is to understand how we indian thinks and write beautifully.

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