Actors are not our heroes.


We all love to watch movies to forget all the shits happening to us and we get excited whenever a new movie releases. Movie is a good entertaining thing but problem start when, we watch movie as we are the lead actor and the script is our story. We connect with each and every scene as they are happening with us. We love to  watch movies again and again.

Specially in India people love to watch movies, in India first movie was released in 1931, so since then a  belief has made that actors are our heroes people want be just like them, they starts to think as they are that personality, they want their standard of life but We never think they are neither our heroes nor our leaders.

By reading this many people get offended but this is the sad reality.

When did they become our heroes ?

They get paid to do all the things. Now days whatever an actor or actress do or say become a news because lot of people want to see what they do 24×7.

What i don’t understand is. When did we appoint these pretty people who sell us soaps and plastic paints for walls as the shaper of our generation.?

Since when did we started  expecting logic, commonsense and basic general knowledge from them?

Because if you say we don’t then entire country wouldn’t be getting upset by one of these celebrities every month because they wrote or said something stupid or insensitive.

You do understand they are neither intellectual nor highly educated not even partially informed.

They are actors, models, reality TV stars.

More than half of them get paid to look pretty, more than half of them are only famous for looking pretty.

People care greatly what they think say, their Grammar their political inclination,political affiliation, social causes, social activism and their dumb tweets.

So we want our celebrities to be what ?

Some sort of meta human, scientific geniuses, politically and socially aware, warm, sensitive, receptive to any criticism, constructive and ultra good looking? Really ? That’s shah rukh khan.

18595538_1356239901122749_1271533607502142629_o copy

What do you think these celebrities do on any regular day of their lives.

wake and read news on their iPad regarding to Syrian crises and immigration policies of  America?

They are fcuking celebrities.

These are the people who had the least inclination to acquire an education and now earn in millions for looking pretty.

An average day of a celebrity would be like :

They wake up in a million dollar home and stare into the mirror admiring for hours how perfect looking they are after having painted their faces with makeup then they probably go to gym where they workout for hours and strives to be even  better looking than previous selves they witnessed in the morning after then they get into their million dollar car to meet their entourage who only job to keep pumping their egos up by telling “they are the best actors in the world” then they go to a party at a kickass club where they do gossips,get drunk and probably hook up with each other.

That according to me would be Tuesday in the life of a celebrity not a millionaire.

A millionaire has to work daily to continue to  be a millionaire. Whilst a celebrity gets buckets of money thrown at them by corporate ad agencies only an exchange for photoshoping their picture next to a tobacco tin can.

When did our heroes shift from authors, poets,writers,humorist,scientist,Philosopher,satirist to actors,models, reality TV stars?

We are lowering our standards by accepting them as our heroes.

We should just accept them as actors and appreciate their art stop treating them as the heroes or geniuses of our generation also they are the same person who selling us tobacco, hair oil, toothpaste, soap bars,shitty fairness cream,shampoos as if they use those products.

They don’t care about you. they pretend to, because you are making them millions of dollars of money but then why do you care about them so much?

Because they have PR agencies or managers who manages their social accounts and they post their pictures and each and every activity, they make you like/follow them.

I am not against your choices but think once again before following actors blindly. me too like celebrities for their acting but not for their physical appearance or what they do 24×7 or what they say about our country or what they wear because they are not my concern.

We have history full of idols to follow like scientist,Philosophers, poets,economist,strategist, mathematicians,freedom fighters and many more so make choice a better one.


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Akshay joshi

hello world i am a normal ordinary human being who likes to write and read about different topics but my main concern is to understand how we indian thinks and write beautifully.

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