English and Angreji.



Indian Education Act was enacted in 1858. It was drafting ‘Lord Mccole’. But before that he had conducted a survey of the education system here (India), before that too many British had given their report about India’s education system. British officer was G.W. Litnar and the second was Thomas Munro! Both had conducted different time-bound surveys of different areas. Litnar, who surveyed North India, has written that there is 97% literacy and Munro, who surveyed South India, wrote that there is 100% literacy here. McColley had clearly said that if India wants to make a slave forever, its native and cultural education system will have to be completely demolished and replaced by an English education system, and then in this country, the body is Hindustani but with the mind The British will be born and when they leave the University of this country, they will work in our interests. Macaulay is using an idiom as if it is fully stocked before planting a crop in a field, it will have to be raised and English education system has to be brought. That is why he first declared the Gurukulas illegal. When the Gurukul became unlawful, the help received by him on behalf of the society became unlawful. Then declared Sanskrit as illegal and the Gurukuls of this country roamed and finished it. They set fire to them; they killed the gurus who taught them, beaten them, put them in jail.

By 1850, there were ‘7 lakh 32 thousand’ Gurukuls in this country and at that time there were villages in this country ‘7 lakh 50 thousand’. It means that in every village, on average, a Gurukul and those who were Gurukul, all of them used to be ‘Higher Learning Institute’ in today’s language; 18 subjects were taught all those subjects and these Gurukul people used to go together and not the King, Maharaja.

Education in these Gurukulas was given free of charge. In this way all the Gurukulas were terminated and then English education was declared legal and the first convent school in Calcutta was opened. At that time it was called ‘free school’, under this law, Calcutta University was created in India, Bombay University was created, Madras University was formed and these three slavery universities are still in this country.

Mikole wrote a letter to his father, a very famous letter, he writes that in these convent schools, such children will emerge who will be Indians in sight but will be English by the brain and they will not know anything about their country. They will not know anything about their culture, they will not know anything about their traditions, they will not know their idioms, when there will be such children in this country, even if the British go away, this country will remain under British slavery.

The truth of the letter written at that time is now clearly visible in this country and see the glory of that act that we are ashamed to speak our language, speak in English that others will get stuck, but we are inferior in ourselves. Have been shy to speak their language, what will happen to others.

People argue that English is international language, there are 204 countries in the world and English is spoken, read and understood in just 11 countries, then how it is international language. In terms of words, English is not rich but poor language. The Bible that these British people did not even speak in English and Isha Christ did not speak English. Isha was the language of the Bible and the language of the Bible was Aramech. The Arabic language script, which was similar to our Bengali language.

If we talk about united states, in u.s. only much work they do in French not in english. A society that is cut off from their language never prosper in their life and that was Makole strategy.

Now if you this read this blog this far i want tell you that, British people have their mission to make India and indians their slave was successful, now in india people want english as an accessory, english in india is like a fashion trend if you can speak english fluently all the people consider you a super genius meta human who can anything in this world. They think he/she obviously get a million rupee job because of speaking english. They don’t think it is just a language with bunch of words. It is not a perameter to judge a person’s brilliance.

I am not against any lenguage i do like english but just to comunicate with foreigners who don’t understand our hindi.
We are proud indians. We must respect our lenguage, if we don’t then who will?
Last thing i want say that many countries who their own lenguage to read write and speak are now at much better economic conditions than india, then why we run after english so much?


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