Actors are not our heroes.


We all love to watch movies to forget all the shits happening to us and we get excited whenever a new movie releases. Movie is a good entertaining thing but problem start when, we watch movie as we are the lead actor and the script is our story. We connect with each and every scene as they are happening with us. We love to  watch movies again and again.

Specially in India people love to watch movies, in India first movie was released in 1931, so since then a  belief has made that actors are our heroes people want be just like them, they starts to think as they are that personality, they want their standard of life but We never think they are neither our heroes nor our leaders.

By reading this many people get offended but this is the sad reality.

When did they become our heroes ?

They get paid to do all the things. Now days whatever an actor or actress do or say become a news because lot of people want to see what they do 24×7.

What i don’t understand is. When did we appoint these pretty people who sell us soaps and plastic paints for walls as the shaper of our generation.?

Since when did we started  expecting logic, commonsense and basic general knowledge from them?

Because if you say we don’t then entire country wouldn’t be getting upset by one of these celebrities every month because they wrote or said something stupid or insensitive.

You do understand they are neither intellectual nor highly educated not even partially informed.

They are actors, models, reality TV stars.

More than half of them get paid to look pretty, more than half of them are only famous for looking pretty.

People care greatly what they think say, their Grammar their political inclination,political affiliation, social causes, social activism and their dumb tweets.

So we want our celebrities to be what ?

Some sort of meta human, scientific geniuses, politically and socially aware, warm, sensitive, receptive to any criticism, constructive and ultra good looking? Really ? That’s shah rukh khan.

18595538_1356239901122749_1271533607502142629_o copy

What do you think these celebrities do on any regular day of their lives.

wake and read news on their iPad regarding to Syrian crises and immigration policies of  America?

They are fcuking celebrities.

These are the people who had the least inclination to acquire an education and now earn in millions for looking pretty.

An average day of a celebrity would be like :

They wake up in a million dollar home and stare into the mirror admiring for hours how perfect looking they are after having painted their faces with makeup then they probably go to gym where they workout for hours and strives to be even  better looking than previous selves they witnessed in the morning after then they get into their million dollar car to meet their entourage who only job to keep pumping their egos up by telling “they are the best actors in the world” then they go to a party at a kickass club where they do gossips,get drunk and probably hook up with each other.

That according to me would be Tuesday in the life of a celebrity not a millionaire.

A millionaire has to work daily to continue to  be a millionaire. Whilst a celebrity gets buckets of money thrown at them by corporate ad agencies only an exchange for photoshoping their picture next to a tobacco tin can.

When did our heroes shift from authors, poets,writers,humorist,scientist,Philosopher,satirist to actors,models, reality TV stars?

We are lowering our standards by accepting them as our heroes.

We should just accept them as actors and appreciate their art stop treating them as the heroes or geniuses of our generation also they are the same person who selling us tobacco, hair oil, toothpaste, soap bars,shitty fairness cream,shampoos as if they use those products.

They don’t care about you. they pretend to, because you are making them millions of dollars of money but then why do you care about them so much?

Because they have PR agencies or managers who manages their social accounts and they post their pictures and each and every activity, they make you like/follow them.

I am not against your choices but think once again before following actors blindly. me too like celebrities for their acting but not for their physical appearance or what they do 24×7 or what they say about our country or what they wear because they are not my concern.

We have history full of idols to follow like scientist,Philosophers, poets,economist,strategist, mathematicians,freedom fighters and many more so make choice a better one.


The decision.

Decisions are up to you it’s your life.

Walking direction on asphalt

On the planet earth each and every person had to make a decision to choose a career but in BHARAT people don’t decide their careers their Neighbours, mama, chachi , bhua, fufa k pdosi k uncle do or wo sharma ji k londe ne 10 saal phle jo kiya tha tu b kr le life set ho jaaygi interest gya tel lene.

what is the meaning of life set ho jaaygi ?  would Lord indra take me to the haven for choosing this career option ?

straight – “NO”

so why we choose a career that doesn’t belong to our interest ?
it is all started from our childhood and problems starts with money and ends with money.

“If you are from medium class family your dreams die first.”

bus hard work kro sab ho jaayga … hard work to rickshaw wala bhi krta hai to kya uski life successful hai ? nhi na !

mind me ek bhyank condition hui pdi h ki pesa hi sab kuch hai life pese se hi shuru hoti hai pese per hi khatm hoti hai. Bharat me education system kis liye hai? kya is liye hai, ki baccho ko maja aaye, pdhayi interactive ho, kuch  practical ho lectures interesting ho kya esa hai humara education system?
bus books pakda di gyi hai rat lo achi lagey ya nhi lagey pdhte jaao likhte jao rat te jao  …ratogey to ache number aaynge … ache nmbr aayngey to percent ache banege … usse next college acha milega … or wha bhi fir se yhi sab.
usse job mil jaaygi … job s pesa milega or usse aap successful ho jaaogey. kya wo log jo finally is rastey se aagey nikal bhi gye unko wha sochne ka moka nhi mil rha  aapko aajadi nhi h sochne ki apne hisaab se kuch krne ki aapko koi kaam de diya gya chupchap beth kr krte rho subh 10 s sham 6 tak.. tb humk ruk kr k apne aap se question krna chahiye .. ye sab kis liye ?
pese ke liye hi na….! kya pesa kmaney ka sirf ye hi tarika hai koi or tarika nhi hai ??
dusra tarika ye ho sakta hai ke kuch bhi hat ke karo jo aap kar sakte ho …. sabse phle accept karna hoga ke pese kamana aasan hai… problem y hai ki humari programming esi hui pdhi h iske bahar kuch h hi nhi.
Pese kamaney ka ek nhi hzar tarike hai to krna kya hai is baat ko smzna h agar y baat smz aagyi to aap ese log dhundhenge jo isse relate krte h jo smart work krte hai bhed bakri ke jese nhi chalte….jab tak aaap accept nhi krte ki pesa kamana aasan h tab tak aap dusre raastey nhi dikhenge …. mtlb aap acept to krte ho ki mushikil h pr mere khne per aasan raste dhundhoge to kuch nhi milega….. sab soch per depend krta hai jesi soch wesa vyaktitav… ese rsate perr chl kr jb kma logey to gwaney m b dar nhi lagega….
kaam ko abhi zriya smza jata pesa kmane ka … humara aim hona chahiye kaam m excellence laney ka bjaay pese bhi dhyan dene k. isse hum pese ko use krna Sikhnge apne aap ko better krne m lekin abhi kya ho rha h hum pese ka use kr rhe h apne shock pure krne ke liye  or is shok s chotey hotey chle ja rhe h kyo ki jesi aapki up bringing h wese aapke shok honge … up bringing agr km peso m hui h to shok chotey hongey jese hi koi aapke y chotey shok pure krega aap uske gulam hotey chle jaaogey  …

If you have liabilities that complete in 20,000 you would do anything to earn 20,000.

smazo chain chahey gold ki ho chain hi hoti h galat career aapko pesa to dila dega pr kya mind calm rhega ?
kya aapko kaamsatisfaction  milega?
kya aap raat ko bina goli khaay so paayngey ?

jungle me bandro ko bhi ese hi pakada jata h … ek chotey mooh ki bottle m chaney daal k ped pr bandh dete hai jb bndr nikalne k liye usme apna hath dalta hai or moothi bandhta h to uska hath wha fas jata or bandr pakda jata hai per apni moothi nhi kholta …. uska apna laalach usko whi bandhe rakhta hai …

aapka aim hona chahiye freedom or y financially independent hone s hi aa sakti h …sirf sochne s aajad nhi hogey is smzna hoga apne aap pr kaam krna hoga… understanding create Krni pdhegi….. duniya k sarey trap ko kill krna hoga …. tabhi aap free hogey …

“The moment when you tell to yourself ab muze is duniya s kuch nhi chahiye even bhagwan se bhi kuch nhi chahiye that moment you can live life freely.”

ab ye kese kb or kyo y aap jano….