Odd Thinking

Sometimes i feel like an old man who is left behind from his family and friends, who is alone and no one is there to talk to him.

i feel like i am used and  betrayed.

I have no one to talk to, people come tell their problems ups and downs,what am i tape recorder or a robo who react and have sympathy for them…?

This is sad there is no one to listen inner me.

I may look like shallow water but i am deep

I may look calm but i am screaming inside .

Some people say i talk much

Some people think i am dumb

Some fear me

Some ignore me

But i am empty inside it doesn’t mean i am rich or not, i am a free soul who is empty may be this is why i ignore everything i can’t feel the value of it and also this is why i lack the zeal inside me. the excitement of doing something having fun just died inside me.

Why ?